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individual planning

We at Finnlamelli have developed a flexible way of designing and building log houses. The log house, cottage or sauna of your dreams can be built precisely according to your wishes. All aspects of the interiors of our log buildings can also be modified, which ensures that your house will be exactly as you imagined it.

The versatility of wood

Building a house takes cooperation. The customer's preferences form the foundation upon which the project begins to take shape. We are happy to construct houses as they are presented in our catalogues, but the possibilities for modification are endless. We can build your dream house entirely according to your specific wishes.

Modern laminated log houses can be constructed to feature incredible feats of architecture.
Whether you want a comfortable house that blends into its rural surroundings or a modern urban home, we have the expertise and experience to help you realise the log house that fits your style and living area perfectly!

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The interior of the house can be modified as much as you want. Enjoy fresh glaze painted walls, apply wallpaper and tiles, or paint the surfaces with suitable colours. By adding exterior and interior doors, windows, corners, porches and stairways, you can personalise and shape your house to your liking.

You, our valued customer, are our best expert – we will help you design the home of your dreams!

Learn about our possibilities and individual planning!
Attached you can find a link to our video: Individual planning – personalised solutions

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