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Finnlamelli's high-quality building materials that withstand all types of weather are grown in the beautiful Finnish forests. The light-coloured spruce and the red-hued pine will form the timeless elements of your new home. Enjoy peaceful time together with your family and the incomparable atmosphere and authenticity of a log house. The ambience of a log house is uniquely inspiring and warm.
Finnlamelli log houses last for generations.

You are free to select the desired log thickness for all buildings from saunas to family houses. In addition to purpose, appearance also affects log selection — the thicker the log, the more impressive the house. The added thickness also improves the special properties of the wood.

Do you have a vision of the home or cottage of your dreams? Our design service will make your dreams a reality.

The results of tightness tests confirm that Finnlamelli log houses are exceptionally tight. A Finnlamelli log house is a healthy and energy efficient choice thanks to the structural tightness.

It is easier to breathe in a Finnlamelli log house! The breathable structure that balances moisture and heat ensures excellent interior air quality.

Log is the best match for the values of natural and ecological living - we build homes using a renewable resource.