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Finnlamelli Oy is constantly looking for new export partners

Finnlamelli Oy is one of the world´s leading laminated log house producers. In Finland we sell and deliver Finnlamelli – log houses directly to the end customers, but in the export countries we work in cooperation with capable export partners, who import the log houses and sell them to the end customers.

As a supplier we can offer a strong and reliable partnership in the field of laminated log houses.
From us, you will get the professional planning, material and production services under one roof.

We have a strong knowledge and long experience in the planning, manufacturing and delivering individual and high-quality laminated log houses, but in export countries it is vital to know about the local architecture, building culture and building regulations more in detail. Our export partners normally have good regional connections to architectural and structural planning experts, so the local planning regulations will be taken into account from the very beginning of the planning. Our export partners also often have their own competent building teams, so the customer can be sure, that also the building of the house will be conducted professionally with care.

The cooperation between the factory and a local supplier produces the best overall solution, where the knowledge of the local building culture is combined with our comprehensive knowledge of modern laminated log construction.

Finnlamelli Oy is constantly looking for new export partners from all over the world.

If you are a building professional with a strong marketing oriented approach and you are interested to work within the field of ecological and high-quality laminated log houses, please do not hesitate to contact.

Please, contact us and submit your proposal: export@finnlamelli.fi