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In Alajärvi, professionals in the fields of log house construction and sawmill operations had an unwavering belief in the superiority of laminated log. This belief sparked the desire to realise the full potential of this high-quality construction material through contemporary product development and confident marketing. That is how Finnlamelli Oy was born in the year 1995.

Some of the key personnel were involved in the product development of the first industrially produced laminated logs at the Perälä planing mill some 30 years ago. Located in Western Finland, Alajärvi has been known for its log construction for several decades. Bearing this in mind, it is no wonder that the production of laminated logs began there. Product development is still ongoing, but the almost 30 years of experience are clearly evident. We take pride in producing the highest level of quality.

Finnlamellin tehdas alajarvella (kopio)

In addition to complete log house deliveries, Finnlamelli provides the construction and woodworking industry with glued laminated timber, finger-jointed structural timber, glued posts and beams (also specially pre-cut) as well as profiled logs.

In October 2012, Finnlamelli commissioned an updated log processing line. The new line enables simultaneous special cutting procedures on the same line. The line's features include precision cutting, optimisation, Hundegger special cutting, notching, drilling, tongue and groove removal and numerous other cutting functions.

The latest log processing line was completed in the spring of 2013 to replace the previous line that was completed in 2008. The line features the same cutting possibilities as the one updated in October 2012.

These new log house lines provide us with more diverse and efficient ways for log processing and significantly improve manufacturing capacity to over 1,000 log house units per year.