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A log house is a part of healthy living.
Although the development of laminated log has led to many improvements, such as resistance to cracking and settling as well as enhanced precision cutting, the very best feature of a log house, breathability, remains the same. A carefully built Finnlamelli log house balances the differences of indoor and outdoor temperature. The heat insulating and moisture controlling properties of the wood make the air in a log house easy to breathe and prevent the propagation of harmful microbes. In addition to this, the lack of static electricity limits dust formation. Thanks to the clean interior air, log houses are an excellent choice for people suffering from allergies. In addition to this, the strong wall structures minimise the need for heating.

Environmentally friendly
Wood buildings burden the environment far less than other materials. The renewable and recyclable material is obtained from local forests through an ecological harvesting process. Finnlamelli utilises the wood waste generated as a by-product at its own factory for heat energy, so nothing is wasted. Whether your choice is a holiday house or log home, you can be sure it is ecological.

We are a reliable and first-rate choice
In the highly competitive market situation, Finnlamelli Oy has grown into one of the leading log house manufacturers in Finland, striving for the highest level of quality utilising state-of-the-art technology and production facilities. The exceptional skill and commitment of our staff are key to our success. Finnlamelli has gained the highest AAA credit rating. More and more people are choosing Finnlamelli log houses and recommend them to others.

Finnlamelli also provides customised log homes, holiday houses and sauna cottages
We at Finnlamelli have developed a flexible way of designing and manufacturing log houses. The log house, cottage or sauna of your dreams can be built precisely according to your wishes. All aspects of the interiors of our log buildings can also be modified, which ensures that your house will be exactly as you imagined it.

Expert sales team at your service
The Finnlamelli – team at the log house factory in Alajärvi, Finland and our network of retailers can help you with all questions related to log building. Take the first step and contact us, we are happy to help you!